Brooks Indoor Stairlift
Brooks Indoor Stairlift

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The Lift Store is proud to feature our flagship model - the Brooks Indoor Stairlift. Manufactured by the most trusted name in the stairlift industry, this premium model comes packed with numerous features for both your safety and convenience that other models simply cannot match, all at a price that is surprisingly affordable. 

The Brooks Indoor Stairlift is designed for self-installation, saving you hundreds of dollars over the cost of hiring a professional. This model is the easiest stairlift to install on the market - an installation DVD is even included with your purchase.

Safety and comfort are the hallmarks of the Brooks Indoor Stairlift. A selfcharging DC power motor allows the lift to function even during a power outage. It's soft start/stop technology coupled with its state-of-the-art rack & pinion drive system make for a whisper quiet, incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. The lifetime warranty backed motor provides years of smooth, steady service, while its host of innovative features offer exceptional safety and comfort.


  • Padded seat and backrest
    Ensures that Brooks Stairlifts give the most comfortable ride available.
  • Battery Powered D/C Motor with batteries included
    Allows the stairlift to operate even during a power outage
  • State-of-the-Art Rack & Pinion Drive
    Ensures a smooth and safe ride - no messy cables
  • Dual directional paddle switches
    Easy to operate, even by those with limited dexterity.
  • Seatbelt
    Stairlifts are fitted as standard for added security.
  • Folding arms, seat and footrest
    Slimline fold-away design allows easy access to the staircase.
  • Lockable swivel seat
    Allows the user to safely enter and exit the stair lift without the need for twisting the body.
  • Lockable on/off switch with 2 keys provided
    Allows the user to prevent others from using the stair lift.
  • Diagnostic digital display
    Informs the user of the status of the stair lift.
  • Safety sensors
    Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the stair lift if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Remote controls
    2 handsets supplied, which allow the user to 'call' or 'send' the stair lift up or down the staircase.
  • Aluminum Rail with charging stations and top & bottom stop limits installed
    Stock length 15.5' included; custom cut option available up to 20' maximum length
  • Installation DVD and written instructions included
    Easy to install; all parts, wiring, screws, etc. included (for installation onto wooden steps)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity - 294 lbs
  • U.L. Listed
    U.L. (Underwriters Laboratory Inc) compliant for mechanical & electrical hazards - ASME A18.1 & A17.5
  • Manufacturer's Warranty
    1 Year on all parts (labor not included)

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Sit/Stand Frame - $249.00

With a sit/stand frame, you can choose whether to use the stairs in either the usual seated position or to stand on the footrest. With a special folding steady/security bar for stability, it is ideal for anybody who may have problems bending their knees, or where multiple users with different requirements will be using the stairlift.

Hinged Rail - $350.00

The lower section of the rail folds up and out of the way when not in use, allowing greater access at the foot of the stairs. The option of a hinged rail is ideal when there may a doorway near the foot of the stairs. When the stairlift is not is use, the rail is neatly out of the way and causes no obstruction.

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