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Platform Options

Large Platform (36"x54") - Standard on CPLs, optional on RPLs.

Larger Platform (36"x60") - Longer than the standard CPL platform (36"x54"). Available on all CPLs, standard on EPLs

Largest Platform (42"x60") - Longer and wider than the standard CPL platform (36"x54"). Available on all CPL & EPLs

90o Exit Platform - Allows you to exit on the side adjacent to the entrance side of the lift as opposed to the standard straight-thru exit. Available on all models

Enter/Exit Same Side Platform - Allows you to exit the lift from the same side as the entrance. Available on CPL800, CPL1000, CPL1200, CPL1400, EPL800, EPL1000, EPL1200, EPL1400 only

Gate Options

Top Landing Gate w/ Interlock - This option is installed at the top landing and prevents the lift from being operated unless the gate is closed and locked. Also, the landing gate will not open unless the lift is at the top landing area. This option is an important safety feature and is required on any lift that exceeds a 6' lift height (8'-14') unless the customer provides their own door/gate at the top landing. In this case, an interlock would be required. Available on all models

Notes: The top landing gate has a standard width of 36" (33.5" usable width). A 42" wide gate option is also available. In addition, any landing gate can be ordered with an optional 'Call/Send Control', which comes mounted on the frame of the gate and allows the user to call or send the lift. .

Platform Gate w/ Interlock - This option is installed on the platform of the lift on the entrance side and closes behind the rider when in use. The included interlock ensures that the lift will not operate unless the gate is closed. This option is an important safety feature and is required on any lift that exceeds a 6' lift height (8'-14') unless the lift is installed in a hoistway with a flush-mount door on the entrance side. Available on all CPL models

Notes: Platform Gates are also available for 90o exit platform configurations.

Automatic Gate Opener - Allows the user to open either a Platform Gate or a Landing Gate at the push of a button rather than manually pushing it open. Available on all CPLs and EPLs

Door Options

Fire Rated Door - Flush mounted door for entering or exiting the platform. Doors are available with an EMI Interlock or Electric Strike. Bottom entrance doors typically require an Electric Strike as a safety standard to prevent a pinch point. Available on all CPLs

Automatic Door Opener - Allows the user to open door at the push of a button rather than manually pushing it open. 


EMI (Electro-Mechanical Interlock) - For use with landing gates, platform gates, and existing doors. EMI's perform the following functions:

  • Prevents the platform lift from running if the door/gate is not closed and locked.
  • Prevents the door/gate from being opened if the platform is not at the landing
  • Unlocks when the lift is on the landing limit switch

Available for all CPL and EPL models

Flush-Mount Electric Strike - For use with existing doors. Performs the same functions as an EMI (see above). Note - a Keyed Dead Latch is available with this item.

Available for all CPL & EPL models

Alarm Options

Emergency Stop Alarm w Lighted Button - An alarm that is triggered when the illuminated emergency stop button (standard on all VPL's) is pressed. Available on all CPL & EPL models

Emergency Light - Triggered by emergency stop button, provides visibility in dark areas. Available on all CPL & EPL models

Miscellaneous Options

D/C (battery) Powered Motor Upgrade - 24VDC motor that runs on batteries (included), allowing you to operate the lift even during a power outage. Available on all models

3-Stop Package - Allows you to set three separate stops for the lift - the bottom stop, the top stop, and an intermediate stop. Available on all CPL & EPL models

Outdoor Package - Includes galvanized or zinc primed undercoat and extra durable UV-resistant top coat. Plastic washers are utlized throughout. Silicone sealant after final assembly. Manufacturer's warranty extended to 2 years. Available on all models

Portable Package - Includes wheel assembly, Platform Gate and auto-folding ramp on both entrance and exit sides. Available on RPL400, RPL600, CPL400, CPL600 only

Automatic Folding Access Ramp - Entrance ramp attached to the lift platform and folds up automatically while the lift is going up. This feature comes standard on RPL's and is optional on CPL's.

Call/Send Controls - Allows you to call or send the lift. Can be installed at the top or bottom (or both) of the lift. Also available in wireless form. Available on all models

Key Locks for Controls - Can be used to lock platform and call/send controls. Available on all models

Fascia Panel - Purchased by the foot and installed on the exit side of the lift platform, the fascia panel provides a smooth surface for the platform edge to run against to prevent any obstruction hazards. Available on all models

Phone Jack - Allows you to install a phone on your lift. Available on all CPL and EPL models

Tower Brace - Made of steel, allows you to secure the tower to prevent swaying or leaning. Recommended for lift heights over 6 feet. Available on all CPL & EPL models

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